A Florida-based sinkhole company asked our help in marketing and rebranding their expansion into a large scale property restoration brand.


Brand Refresh





“The spiral is the element uniting the entire brand. Its use originates from the Latin root of Helicon’s name: Helix–a shape that coils around itself— and is a universally accepted elemental symbol for fire, water and air. The Helicon spiral stands for both urgency and stability following a natural disaster.”




Though Helicon offered a highly technical service, we helped them establish a clear mission to Communicate Clearly with a website redesign.


Website Redesign





Together we trademarked the EverReady™ promise — a proprietary first response service — and a full product line of services.




We took EverReady™ to social media, where we created content positioning the company as experts in preparedness for the state of Florida.


Social Media Content



We supported organic posts with a paid social campaign to raise brand awareness.




Being EverReady™ translated into everything Helicon did or said. From there, we were capable of communicating anything.