Knowing that most tourism begins with local advocacy, we created a marketing tool powered by Florida’s millions of residents on social media. We called it Share a Little Sunshine.


Floridians Sharing with #LoveFL



Today, it is a community of 351K+ Floridians sharing over 1 MILLION pieces of content with #LoveFL.


Social Ads


Using photos from #LoveFL, we created TV commercials and social ads with the most authentic travel content out there.



Social Campaigns



The 48Hr Instameet brought our online community together in their most natural setting: exploring Florida. In a single weekend we led 14 meet-ups in 14 cities, offering our army of advocates exclusive access to some of our most exciting partner hotels and attractions.







In Florida, we don’t have winter. So we created Bragging Season, where the conversation changes from just sharing our state to bragging about it.


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